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This site was insightful for me as it addresses teaching in
higher education using the constructive approach in online learning. This is something I would like to focus on
and found the information at this site to be very informative and targeted to
my needs. It is a professional goal to
design meaningful online courses that focuses on the needs of the learner. This site provides the designer with ideas
and theoretical references toward use of constructivism in the distance
learning environment. It also includes
information on how teachers need to accept the need for continuing professional
education in teaching and keeping current with technology use in their current
This is a blog site dedicated to instructional design and it
addresses the use of social media in teaching.
I have often avoided the use of social media when teaching because of
the policies and procedures of the institutions I have worked in as a
teacher. After attending a recent
conference I realize that social media works in assisting most younger students
to learn and teachers need to acquaint themselves with this media and its
promise of productivity.
This site coaches teachers in the availability of different
types of media (such as telephone apps) for e learning. I have obtained many new ideas from this site
and have learned that I harbored biases and misconceptions regarding use of
social media sites. My phobia developed
into genuine interest and allowed me to become more open-minded regarding use
of public learning apps.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Interesting sites about the Brain and Learning

Here are two sites I found very interesting.  One is regarding the learners in the 21 st Century and the other continues to describe the function of the brain in learning.  I hope you find these sites as interesting as I did.


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  1. Can I just say that I really enjoy the site you posted on VI Outreach Team. I believe a lot of people tend to forget about the impact that education styles and formats have on people who have disabilities and I love the fact that there is a blog out there that shares this viewpoint on it. I'm not necessarily visually impaired but I have worn glasses all my life and I have RA. I can understand to an extent as to how some of the media that is changing the way people gain education through the new formats of media could be used for the positive. But I believe there is still a lot more than can be done. One example is how in television there are not many interpreters provided for the hearing impaired, and yes even though we closed captioning, it makes me mad to see that its just an option. If we provided more awareness to the disabilities that effect people and their learning styles, would there be even greater changes made to the formats of education out there today.